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Self Advocacy begins between You and Yourself.

Learning Self Advocacy means accessing your power and sharing your voice through authentic and compassionate communication pathways, to advocate for your needs with yourself and others in more effective ways.

Come and experience what coaching might offer you with a free 15 minute session to explore your self advocacy possibilities.

Peace isn't always quiet

What is Self-Advocacy?

Have you ever found yourself staying quiet to "keep the peace" when really there was something important you needed to say and didn't? That sort of silence for peace can have a significant personal cost over time. 

Or have you had experiences of speaking up for yourself only to have unwittingly started an argument or had the conversation go pear shaped? It can happen despite our best intentions. 


For a whole host of reasons we might have developed habits in our communication to censor, defend and shy away from true self-advocacy...this coaching program can help you to realise and restore your power to communicate, so you can contribute in your world the way you might really like to. 

Learning self-advocacy is a journey of deepening trust and authenticity with yourself, your family, in your work and in your community.  You will be amazed how your world flourishes as your practice grows.

What are self-advocacy practices?

Revisiting childhood communication experiences with curiosity and empathy

Learning language that speaks to your own heart and gives you greater trust in yourself to "speak up and speak out" when you feel moved.

Practicing healthy boundaries and new ways of 'coping' when you are triggered by someone else's apparent lack of 'friendship'

Checking in with your beliefs and values so you know how and what you are standing for when you speak

Seeking new opportunities to practice self expression in safe learning situations and through writing and storytelling


“Karen brings so much love to the work that she does and has an uncanny ability to speak to all aspects of your being. Highly recommend working with this beautiful soul”

- Bridget Blackford


"Karen's capacity to really hear the essence of what I am trying to say and reflect it back to me better than I could have said it myself is a truly exceptional gift and has been very supportive of my process"

- Alistair McKinnon


“"I began working with Karen to learn some strategies for helping my clients to self-advocate in challenging workplaces, but this work is much more. It’s not only a philosophy, but also a methodology, a new way of being and speaking that is truly empowering.”

- Elizabeth Diacos

Come and experience what coaching might offer you with a free 15 minute session to explore your self advocacy possibilities.