Wellbeing coaching supports you to find clarity and take important next steps on your financial, social, physical, time & space, technological and purpose goals.

IT'S LIKE BUSINESS COACHING BUT FOR YOUR LIFE... so that you can shift focus away from the habits that keep you stuck or spiralling in frustration and instead create the relationships and personal fulfilment that you really want. 

Wellbeing Coaching to embrace your inner mountains and find joy in your process along the way.

Wellbeing is a learnable skill... combining process and practice.

Wellbeing is worth getting good at. Often we only realise that fact when some aspect of our wellbeing is challenged... perhaps an unwanted change in our physical health, our finances or our sense of belonging in family or community. 

Focusing on one challenge at a time or even multiple challenges simultaneously can wear down our state of wellbeing so that the problems can seem to 'get the better of us' creating a 'snowball effect' that compounds our challenges in a less than life-serving direction. Popular strategies to cope with the stress or despair of "the-change-we-don't-want" can exacerbate our unravelling.

What we want is a wellbeing 'snowball effect' in a life-serving direction that expands both our capacity for and enjoyment of genuine states of wellbeing.

Coaching guides you to understand the process and begin to practice the skills of wellbeing.

Coaching starts with your self-advocacy skills so you can get clear on your plan and the intentions you have that matter most to you, then we'll create your personal wellbeing framework to compassionately self-evaluate and then provide skills and support to implement your plan in life-serving ways.

The Process

Focusing on wellbeing skills rather than on "problems" will begin to return you to your experience of personal power... which will increase your capacity to implement on what you do want, rather than being caught in the fear or distress of what you don't.

Experiencing wellbeing means implementing on these 
4 friendship skills as a daily practice 

Neuroscience tells us that cultivating these 4 qualities becomes a PRACTICE for experiencing wellbeing...like growing muscles at the gym, growing friendship muscles with yourself, with others and with your life circumstances will exponentially grow your wellbeing.

  • GENEROSITY - capacity to relate warmly from your heart, starting with yourself

  • GRATITUDE - capacity to appreciate and celebrate you as well as others and your good fortunes

  • COMPASSION - capacity to mourn and empathise with yourself as well as others

  • CONTEMPLATION - capacity in knowing where, how & what to focus on to serve the needs and
    next steps that matter most to you.


“Karen brings so much love to the work that she does and has an uncanny ability to speak to all aspects of your being. Highly recommend working with this beautiful soul”

- Bridget Blackford


"Karen's capacity to really hear the essence of what I am trying to say and reflect it back to me better than I could have said it myself is a truly exceptional gift and has been very supportive of my process"

- Alistair McKinnon


“"I began working with Karen to learn some strategies for helping my clients to self-advocate in challenging workplaces, but this work is much more. It’s not only a philosophy, but also a methodology, a new way of being and speaking that is truly empowering.”

- Elizabeth Diacos